What Does Botox Feel Like?

Botox involves injecting live onabotulinumtoxinA into the muscles on the forehead and eyebrows.  The exact muscles being injected are the Frontalis muscle, Procerus muscle, Corrugator Supercilii muscle, and Orbicularis Oculi muscle.  Other muscles can be injected but should be consulted with your doctor.


Once syringe is loaded with Botox or Xeomin, your doctor will mark the areas where injection is needed.  A 30 gauge needle, which is approximately 0.25mm in diameter, with a length of 3/8 of an inch, is used to inject the Xeomin or Botox in the designated area.  The needle used is so small that patients sometimes don’t feel the penetration.  Most patients describe the feeling as being similar to a mosquito bite.  Our doctors can numb areas prior to injection upon request.


Once injected the Botox or Xeomin goes straight to work.  The full and complete effects of the medication will be seen on day 10 and will last for about 4 months.  You will may feel a subtle lifting around the eyes followed by the inability to wrinkle your forehead.  For patients specifically wanting this treatment to lift their eye brows, a noticeable lift will be seen.  A decrease in the episodes of migraines or headaches has also been observed in people using Botox.  Some insurance companies may cover Botox for use on patients suffering from extreme migraines, hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating, pain, and other problems.




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