How Long Has Botox Been Around?

Botox has become the number one option for those looking to keep their youthful look. It has mostly been used to treat signs of aging by diminishing wrinkles in the face and forehead but did you know that before it was used as a cosmetic enhancer Botox had a much more medical use. Botox was first developed in 1946 by Dr. Edward Shcantz, who developed it to be used for biological warfare in the US. Although it luckily never had a breakthrough in that context, Dr. Shcantz found that when he injected the toxin into a patient with muscles spasms, the spasms stopped.


By 1962 American doctors started using it to treat other muscle spasms and twitchy eyes which lead to them noticing its ability to diminish wrinkles in the face and around the eyes.  On top of treating muscle spasms Botox has also been found to treat those with hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating. The active ingredients have the ability to inhibit the sweat glands and temporarily cause overactive sweat glands to become dormant.

Botox didn’t become popular to use cosmetically for about 20 years after it was first invented. Doctors quickly found Botox to be a great way to fill in lines and wrinkles in the face. While in the UK it is not licensed to be used cosmetically, in the US its popularity grew around the 1990’s and by the 2000’s it was in regular use around the US for cosmetic purposes of diminishing wrinkles and lines in the face.


Over the years Botox has gone through many transformations, from being initially created for chemical warfare, to finding that it can help those who suffer with chronic muscles spasms, which eventually lead to its most popular use of reducing aging wrinkles. Botox has now even been found to relieve those who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. Byy injecting Botox it into the brow it relaxes the muscles which helps reduce the pain of a headache.

The future of Botox is not certain it seems that Botox has a variety of uses for many people who suffer from ailments. It is exciting to see how the use of Botox will evolve over the next years and what other ways it can be applied to help patients with all sorts of issues. The possibilities seem endless!


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