Health Concept: Breast Implant

  • Anesthesia: General or Sedation
  • In/Outpatient: Outpatient
  • Length of Surgery: 1 to 2 hours
  • Recovery: Back to work in 3 to 7 days. Exercise may be resumed in 2 weeks. The final results will be seen in about 6 months.
  • Duration of Results: Long Lasting
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Breast Lift Surgery in Miami

For women, the most noticeable signs of aging are in the eyelids and breasts. The procedure commonly known as the Miami Breast Lift is engineered to reshape the sagging breast into the perky, youthful breast it once was. Women who have been pregnant or nursed would see greater sagging of the breast. Thankfully, our surgeons and specialists at The Prestige Institute for Aesthetic Surgery will help you return to the perky and full breasts you once had.

Miami Breast Lift Mastopexy Details

The Miami Breast Lift Procedure usually involves the Lollipop or Anchor technique, where an incision is made along the nipple and under-fold of the breast. The sagging skin is then removed and the breast is lifted to its original perky state. Most of our procedures are combined with a small breast implant to give the full cleavage and perkiness of the original breast. This is an outpatient procedure and usually takes about 2 hours to complete. Our meticulous and detailed professionals are here to ensure you receive the best results possible.
Patients need to make necessary arrangements to have a family member or friend pick them up following surgery, as you will not be able to drive.
Post-operative effects are the usual swelling, soreness and bruising, which last about 2 weeks after surgery. We recommend you make arrangements to relax for at least 7 days after surgery to ensure proper recovery. You will wear a post-operative garment, like in all of our surgical procedures to ensure optimal compression and recovery.

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