• Anesthesia:Local
  • In/Outpatient: Outpatient
  • Length of Surgery:2-4 Hours
  • Duration of Results: Long Lasting
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Hair Restoration in Miami

Men are not usually self-conscious of being overweight or not wearing the best clothes, but a receding hairline can strike fear into them and affect self- esteem. Men who begin balding use products like Minoxidil or Rogaine or take medication like Finasteride and Propecia. Though results can be seen using these treatments, results only last while on the medication. Hair transplantation in our Miami office is the only permanent solution proven to work.

Hair Transplant Surgery Cost & Information

As the only effective and permanent hair loss treatment, hair replacement surgery involves transplanting hair follicles to areas where receding or thinning hair is evident. Hair follicles along with glands and somatic tissue are taken from donor sites in a random pattern and then inserted to the emptier areas. We dramatically increase the efficacy and results of hair restoration by including the glands and somatic tissue during surgery. By randomly taking follicles from the donor site, usually the occipital area or back of the head, we can achieve a natural look without compromising the donor site.

Our technique of hair transplant can be either by Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or by Follicular Unit Transplanting via strip harvesting (FUT). Many hair restoration clinics throughout Miami and the United States use only the strip harvesting because it saves them costs and time in the operating room, but this technique often leaves a scar making short hairstyles practically impossible. Our recommended course of action is the Follicular Unit Extraction technique because it leaves no scar and has a shorter recovery time. FUE is more tedious and requires longer surgery time, but results are cleaner and more natural.

Surgery cost depends on what areas will need to be filled along with the number of follicles transplanted. We will schedule all follow up appointments with the doctor and specialist to assure proper healing and safety. Our Miami office is equipped with state of the art tools and equipment to give you safety and results.

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